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Hervé Muludiki

Hervé Muludiki


40 years old
Driving License
Deuil la barre
Employed Just looking around
Web based application developper, use to work in team or alone to build complex web applications, using best-practices for coding and managing project (UML, SCRUM), using innovative frameworks such Spring, Hibernate, Nodejs, Jhipster, AngularJS, ionic. All that in complex and heterogeneous environments as SalesForce.com , Unix, windows, Mainframe, Webservices…
  • Crafting, developing, and deploying software solutions throughout a DEVOPS architecture.
  • From business requirements, i develop application with AngularJS and javascript tools for the frontend and Java 8 on the backend.
  • Follow the established processes, policies, and procedures to assure compliance with standards or corporate policies.
  • Conduct appropriate test reviews on assigned projects using tools as JUNIT, Jasmin or Cucumber to garanty the quality and keep a high level of delivery.
Detailed Description
  • Micro-services SOA Architecture based on REST, RabbitMQ, SOAP, devops paradigm and agile scrum spirit.
    Collaboration tools: JIRA, lync...
    SCM tools: Git, Github
  • Java 8 development: Lambdas, lombok, spring framework (sprig-boot), fluent interfaces...
  • Log management: ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), logback
  • Test environment: Unit tests (JUnit), Acceptance test (Cucumber)
  • Continous delivery (Maven, Jenkins, XLDeploy, mustache, puppet), Configuration management, environment management (Development, Acceptance, Integration, User acceptance test, Performance, Production), deployment automation.
  • Front-end development: AngularJS (1.5.x), lodash, Boostrap, less
    Continous delivery: NodeJS, GULP, Maven
    Test: Jasmine, Karma, PhantomJS